The best romantic restaurants in Pune for a perfect date night

Pune is one such city which is sitting right in the lap of the urban triangle of the IT industry. The place is filled with buzzing youth, who loves to spend quality time with each other at every chance they get. You can even often witness couples walking on the roads with their hands intertwined together or you can find a posh restaurant filled with them on a holiday or a weekend.

Spending some quality time in some of the best restaurants in Pune isn’t a very bad idea, especially when those quality moments will be with someone you consider as an important aspect of your life. This is why the city has opened up the platform for couples to enjoy their leisure time in each other’s presence in the form of best dining restaurants.

Here, we have given a brief description of the top romantic restaurants in Pune that will help you to arrange the best date night for your partner.


Rooftop restaurants always hold a special place in the hearts of couples. This is the reason why Trikaya is always considered as one of the best hotels in Pune for dinner. It has an elegant rooftop and a private room where couples can enjoy their separate time without any interruption. The entire design of the place along with the menu indicates a classic Alfresco Asian theme.


With a magnificent and dazzling view of the city, the hotel is considered as the best place for a wonderful buffet lunch in Pune or for romantic dinners. The rooftop has an associated bar that allows you to drown in the sizzle of the ambiance and make some precious memories with the person who holds an equal precious place in your life, if not more.


This is by far one of the good restaurants in Pune, and thanks to the amazing rooftop and upper deck that dining out here have become a habit for most of the couples in the city. The floor is well lit with neon lights that make the view of the dark city more amicable and enticing.


Sunny World is an ideal place for having a romantic dinner with your partner. This is a well-renowned seafood restaurant in Pune where you can enjoy multiple dishes from various cuisines. The place houses three different restaurants based on the cuisines- non-veg, charcoal barbeque, and a pure vegetarian cuisine.


Arthur’s Theme is one of the best barbeque restaurants in Pune why you can indulge in a romantic atmosphere, thanks to its classic architecture and properly planned heartfelt cuisine.


Boteco is one of the finest restaurants in Pune, which appears as the best place for having a non-veg dinner with some special moments to share. Located in Koregaon Park, the restaurant is well known for its casual Brazilian and South American menu. The restaurant also comes with a bar option where you can enjoy plush cocktails and other drinks to heighten the sizzling chemistry of the evening.

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