Reserve this Weekend to Visit one of the Best Weekend Getaways near Pune

Not just this weekend, but we’d say reserve several more, as the sun is just warming up to puke the scorching heat this summer! Sunny’s World is truly one of the best activity resorts near Pune that offers everything for everyone. From the best hilltop restaurants serving some of the most exquisite delicacies around to a hilltop surrounding that never ceases to delight. Get a glimpse of the wonders offered by Sunny’s World through this blog.

Weekend is the only time when the ultra-busy bees among us get a chance to drive down to be calmer and a peaceful place. Today, rejuvenation has turned as important as breathing. Everyone has a choice, of course, we agree to it, but, why not give Sunny’s World a try. You don’t have to drive down the hill for a peaceful cup of coffee, or necessarily to a beach to sip your favorite mocktail and watch the sun go to sleep! Do you? Sunny’s World is a place near your home, not too far away. Just a few miles of driving, and there you are, already in a wonderful galaxy of delight, all set to welcome you and waiting to mesmerize you with its ecstatic aura. So, what does Sunny’s World offer you? Many of you should already know it, as Sunny’s World is quickly gaining popularity as the best luxury resorts near Pune, but for those, who aren’t yet aware of this beautiful resort, just next door, here’s some vital information.

  • Sunny’s World Hilltop Restaurant in Pune

    Away from what you call it as the corporate commotion; Sunny’s World has got the best hilltop restaurant in Pune. From the rich and buttery Punjabi cuisine to the more sophisticated, yet scrumptious continental one, Sunny’s World offers a lot and offers it with zeal. Besides, you’ve got a truly wide range of liquor alternatives available, just in case you are reuniting with your long lost friends!

  • Luxury Resorts in Pune | Resorts near Pune for Weekend

    When the highest levels of hospitality meet an amazing natural landscape, the result is Sunny’s World! Sunny’s World could be easily termed as the best picnic resorts near Pune, as it offers the best stay options, including exceptionally well-designed, well-maintained and unique The Moonstone Swiss Chalet, The Topaz AC Glass Tents, and the Sapphire AC Family Tents.

  • Corporate Events and Wedding

    Sunny’s World has ventured into almost everything, right from private parties, corporate events to wedding events. With a broad array of banquet halls and party lawns, Sunny’s World caters to your corporate conference, meeting, and party requirements. And, yes again, unmatched hospitality – a combination that’s seldom found in the hospitality industry.

  • Adventure Park in Pune

    Yes, if you think that’s it, here’s, perhaps the most exciting part. An adventure park! Sunny’s World offers various adventure activities right from rappelling, zip bike, rifle shooting, cricket to commando obstacles, dirt bike, trampoline park, rocket ejector, high ropes course, and many others. Get your friends, family, along with you, and gift them an adventurous day at Sunny’s World.

    So, what’s your plan this weekend? This is the last winter weekend this year, so make sure, make the most of it. Come summer and Sunny’s World would still be the best resorts in Pune. Regardless, whether you are a couple searching the best resorts in Pune for couples, or a family with silver citizens hoping for some relaxation, the answer is right on top of the hill, Sunny’s World!

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