One Day Picnic Spots near Pune for a Day Full of Fun

Adventure is essential to get away from the monotony of life. Weekend getaways offer the perfect solace from all deadlines and important meetings. It is rightly said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill, a dull girl. One of the ways to spend a day-out away from city life is indulging in adventure sports. Adventure sports increase the coordination of the body and the brain. It increases concentration levels and develops team spirit. Resorts located inside the city offer this opportunity, providing a combination of services and adventures under one roof. They are the perfect solution for all holiday needs. To help you de-stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the resort offers adventure activities for an ideal family day-out.

Sunny’s World

Sunny’s world is the perfect destination that combines all the activities one can indulge in and have fun. Sunny’s world incorporates an amusement park, adventure resort, luxury resorts, and restaurants. It is all your holiday wishes coming true in one place. One of the most beautiful amusement parks in Pune is located here.

Adventure sports in Pune

Sunny’s world has a one of a kind adventure resort in Pune. Sunny’s world is home to the Moonstone- Swiss Chalet Resort. With all kinds of fantastic delicacies and world-class hospitality, Moonstone- Swiss Chalet Resort fulfills all the essentials of a beautiful holiday getaway. The icing on the cake is that it is also one of a kind adventure resort in Pune. The different adventure activities available are rifle shooting, commando training, net cricket, zip biking, etc. There is also a wooden clubhouse open with a plethora of indoor games such as pool, chess, carrom, etc. There is a beautiful infinity pool located inside the resort. To provide wholesome comfort to you, the resort offers air-conditioned chalets and tents. A breezy landscape can be enjoyed from the balconies located inside the tents. The city, river, and the beautiful valley are all visible from the balcony. You can instantly post all the natural beauty on your Instagram/Facebook accounts. The resort provides complete easy to functional connectivity during the time of your stay. Taking comprehensive care of your health and hydration, the resort offers packaged drinking water inside all rooms.

Adventure Resort in Pune

Sunny’s world is home to The Tiger’s Eye Adventure Resort, the only adventure resort in Pune and all of India. The resort offers a lifetime’s worth of adventure activities in Pune. The adventures are more than a hundred in number and fit for all ages. The whole family can enjoy different adventures together. This adventure resort in Pune has rock climbing that supports the self-belay device system. The consumers can experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with a zoom bike. To further add up to the experience, the adventure park has four in one bungee jumping. The adventure park also has a trampoline park. The Tiger’s Eye Adventure Resort is the largest adventure resort in India. It features the longest twin zip line in the country. The adventure is multiplied countless times with India’s first human giant spinner located inside the park.


For the people looking for adventure trips in Pune, Sunny’s World is the ultimate blessing. With a variety of sports and adventure activities, the park attracts a massive number of visitors. People visit not just from Pune, but all over India. The value of adventure and fun in life can neither be ignored nor underestimated. One must plan a day-out with the family for finding bliss. For finding the most balanced adventure experience, and beautiful theme park in Pune, Sunny’s World is undoubtedly the best destination.


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