One day picnic resorts near Pune

The current generation looks forward to weekends since it is the only time they have left where they can relax and blow off some steam. Taking your loved ones to a resort near Pune for a picnic is never a bad idea, right? But why select a resort for a one day picnic near Pune? Well, let’s find out!

People lead stressful lives these days. The reason is primarily to make ends meet all the while striving for a life that is filled with comfort and convenience. The masses put in lots of effective work hours to provide what the client needs. In the end, they find very little time to unwind and relax.

There are several benefits of choosing one day picnic resorts near Pune. Some of them are as follows:

  • You and your loved ones will always feel like VIPs – They are known for their all-inclusive On top of that, 24-hour room services stocked in-room refrigerators; personal concierge are some of the many perks of choosing a resort for a one day picnic.
  • They are known for their impressive amenities – They are filled with amenities that your run-off-the-mill picnic spots won’t provide. Some of them are – complimentary use of watercraft like paddleboards, luxury cosmetics in your suites and the likes.

A list of One day picnic resorts near Pune

Now that you are feeling convinced that it is best to choose a resort in Pune for one day picnic, let us take a look at three of the best places near the city in the following sections:

Sunny’s World

Sunny’s World can be easily considered as a gem of a resort in all of Pune. It covers more than one hundred acres of land and sits in the middle of Mother Nature! It is a great place to hang out with your loved ones, family members and friends.


  • It has the largest lawn –Sunny’s World is also home to the largest lawn that covers a whopping area of 1 Lac square feet! This is the perfect place for a picnic or an event that you might be planning to conduct soon!
  • It is home to Asia’s largest artificial waterfall – Did we forget to mention that Sunny’s World is home to Asia’s biggest artificially made waterfall!? Oh! Silly us! It has been equipped with a multicolour backdrop that can be altered to suit the mood and theme of events/parties conducted here!
  • Enjoy scenic views from the hilltop lawn – The hilltop lawn at Sunny’s World covers a total area of 40,000 square feet! On top of that, it also has a 6,000 square feet pre-function area that serves as the perfect place to enjoy the view of the city as well as the valley!

The Corinthians Resort

This is often sought by people who are searching for some fun. The place is surrounded by lush greenery and is perfect for a picnic and parties alike!


  • It is equipped with modern facilities, backed by amazing staffs
  • Let loose and enjoy your time here in the poolside café, bar and a white water spa
  • It is an ideal place for both big families and close friends.

Ambrosia Resort

It is the perfect example of a place that oozes both cosiness and luxury.


  • It is known for its spectacular ambience
  • It has two restaurants that serve lip-smacking food and drinks to die for!
  • It is ideal for couples


Choosing a picnic destination these days is not a child’s play. There are plenty of options available which is why you might feel confused. Be sure to do your research before you select a place for a one day picnic near Pune for the best results.

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