Must Visit Sunny’s World Resorts for the Weekend

Searching for luxury resorts near Pune to spend a relaxing weekend with your friends and family? Of course, you don’t wish to travel too far from Pune, and in fact, it would be great if you could find great resorts near Pune for the weekend! Isn’t it? So, here comes Sunny’s World, your best resorts in Pune – not too far from the city and not too close to it either. If you wish to have some real fun and pamper your taste buds with a wide range of Desi as well as exotic cuisine, Sunny’s World is the place. This blog explores Sunny’s World through a few perspectives, and also gives you some reasons why you must visit Sunny’s World resorts for the weekend.

Stop Driving for Hours – Visit Sunny’s World, the Best Picnic Resorts near Pune!

Weekends are the best, and perhaps, in the overwhelmingly busy routines today, the only opportunity for people to step out of their homes for a short trip or a vacation. Conventionally, weekend vacations refer to traveling to a far off beach, or a hill station, perhaps that’s around 100 miles away from Pune. Of course, there’s nothing wrong in traveling to far off place, but the question here is that of time. Weekends don’t last for more than a couple of days, and given the time required in reaching far off places, one isn’t left with much time on hand to enjoy and relax at the place. Let alone the time required to return home, which makes the trip even more exhaustive!

But then, you don’t wish to miss the weekends, isn’t it? So, where do you go then? Come to Sunny’s World! Situated on a large hill on the Sus-Pashan road near Pune, Sunny’s World is a place that’s truly just next to your neighborhood. Perhaps, only a few kilometers from your home! So, stop driving for hours. Drive only for some minutes, and reach Sunny’s World, the best luxury resorts near Pune.

Up there’s, what does Sunny’s World, the best Activity Resorts near Pune offer?

Sunny’s World, in a short span of time, has earned the reputation of being the best resorts near Pune for weekend. Right from exciting adventure rides, adventure activities in a safe and protected environment, to multiple restaurants offering sumptuous exotic as well as Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, coupled up with multiple exotic as well as conventional stay options, Sunny’s World has got everything! Yes, everything that you’d expect out of picnic resorts near Pune, and therefore, over the years, it has emerged as the best luxury resorts near Pune. But, that’s not really it! The amazing and soothing hilltop weather complemented by exceptionally high levels of hospitality make Sunny’s World the best resorts in Pune for couples as well as for families.

Why Choose Sunny’s World as the Best Resorts near Pune for Weekend?

While some visit Sunny’s World to experience great weather, some choose to relax the weekend out on the hill! While some visit the resort to taste great food, some drive up the hill to spend some quality and peaceful time with friends and family! Everyone’s got his or her own reason to visit Sunny’s World. You too would have your own. Nevertheless, here are some common reasons why visiting Sunny’s World is a must during the weekend, and why is it one of the best resorts near Pune for weekend.

  • Multiple hilltop restaurants such as Ruby Hill Top, The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant, and the Shiv Lingam Pure Veg Restaurant offering irresistible food, and a wide range of liquor options.
  • Unique exotic stay options such as AC glass tents, adding to your comfort and joy.
  • A vast array of adventure activities, including zip biking, rock climbing, shooting, etc.
  • Proximal to Pune’s growing urban sprawl and IT Park.
  • Above all, cool, pleasant and cheerful, yet relaxing and refreshing weather to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Everything exciting is just happening up the hill at Sunny’s World the best weekend getaways near Pune. What are you waiting for? Sunny’s World is all set to welcome you with your friends and family! So, pack your bags, and set out for enthralling weekend only at the best resorts in Pune for couples and family, Sunny’s World. For details and booking, get in touch with Sunny’s World at +91 9667 555 555.

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