Holiday Club Membership

How many times have you felt that you need a break this week? Once, twice, or maybe even thrice?! But you didn’t and, that’s where you are stressing yourself down by distancing yourself from things you want! Taking a break every once in a while is excellent, in fact, great for your mind& body that deserves a rest. Head over to Sunny’s World to have a fun loving time and be a member by enrolling in the holiday club membership. Here’s, what you should know:

What’s the hype, all about?

Various firms and groups like Sunny’s world are offering Hotel membership in India to applicants so that they– make use of their service and facilities at a comparatively low price. The main reasons for them to rollout membership programs lay the fact that they want loyal customers who are happy with the kind of service and facilities, given to them. The members even get the privilege to order special drinks, dishes &obtain services that are no less than luxurious.

What does this membership mean?

You need to visit the right day if possible mark the dates on the calendar to get the best offers– that are simply unavoidable.

  • A membership in resorts allows a flat 15% discount on any day of the week on food/ beverages as long as he/she is a member of the program.
  • If you are a member, you get a 10% discount, on the total bill of food/beverages on Saturday & Sundays.
  • You can even make use of the membership to order special drinks– beers, liquors on offer.
  • Members get special offers on their special day like on marriage anniversaries, birth parties, ritual, and ceremonial events, etc.
  • You can even get hold of Sunday special offers that are exclusively for members.
  • No waiting time as you get hold of everything the first– the moment you reach the resort you get the keys!

The extra in everything

By paying the Royal resorts membership fees, you can get hold of the membership and enjoy the long list of benefits it offers.

  • You can even stay one night extra without paying the rent for the room on any day of the week.
  • There are many other offers, among them, one is it gives a discount of 50% on typical weekdays.
  • You can even opt for those benefits and make use of a 30% discount during weekends.

You get more offers than what you pay!

The Holiday club membership fee is reasonably mere– when compared, with the list of benefits it’s offering to the members. It can help you save up big, cutting down the prices of almost everything in the happy land to nearby low figures. Features like free daytime use of the swimming pool, spa massages, discounts on the use of lawns and food served, are all covered- in the membership program. Don’t forget the offer for a rain dance that is accessible only to members.


There might be times when you opted out of a plan, a trip or a service- just because it was too pricy; firms like Sunny’s world make sure that its members are taken, complete care. You don’t have to wait in line (no waiting period) for a turn as they will treat you like a priority. Skip the queue and the tedious process with a smart move by opting for a holiday club membership.

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