10 Unique Wedding Ideas

Are you soon going to tie the knot? Sunny’s World, the best place for a destination wedding in Pune is here with 10 unique wedding ideas to make your wedding day even more special, enthralling, and memorable!

  1. Make a Dashing Entry!

It’s an absolute delight to watch a bride in the traditional Indian wedding attire, but wouldn’t it be even merrier, if the bride makes a dashing entry to the stage? Here are some ideas – a scintillating dance entry, the conventional Palki ride, a pleasant flower shower, and crackers!

  1. Amusing Food

Food may not just be amazing, but amusing as well. Add some unusual, yet scrumptious dishes to your wedding menu to ensure that you leave your guests amused! Setting up a full-fledged dessert counter, a chat counter, offering a range of exotic mocktails, etc. can constitute some options.

  1. Unique Decoration Ideas

Hiring the best wedding planners can help you a lot in this regard. Decorating the venue with a wedding lighting letter, chalkboard, table runners, centerpieces are all great ideas that you may want to enhance your wedding experience with.

  1. The Reception Grandeur

You can be as much creative as you want in your reception! Make your reception a vibrant experience with some fancy (yet, not too flashy!) lighting arrangement, bright and elegant chair covers, etc. Besides, you may also set up a lounge to add to the comfort of the guests.

  1. Voice out your Love Story

Set up an act to describe your love story. Love stories always intrigue guests in such instances. After all, it is all about making the day even more memorable and adorable. Isn’t it?

  1. Wedding Stage

Get your wedding stage designed through the best of wedding planners. Make use of the best and the brightest of flowers and the most amazing flower arrangements to ensure that your wedding stage appears an absolute masterpiece! There are many more ideas to consider. You may go with the one that appeals to you the most.

  1. Mandap!

Well, this is where the core event is going to take place. Decorate the Mandap’s canopy with flowers, and drapes. Prepare an Indian style seating arrangement around the Mandap to let your guests witness you both tying the knot.

  1. DJ Box

If you love music and if you wish your guests enjoy it too, hire a DJ, and let people dance to the tunes of the latest numbers.

  1. A Wedding Sports Event

Unusual, but it may prove to be a great idea if executed well. If you’ve got a large space as offered by the wedding lawns in Pune at Sunny’s World, you can arrange for a casual cricket match to let your guests enjoy the wedding event even more.

  1. Consult Experts

Confused as to what to do? Consult wedding experts. They know what’s trending. So, if you can’t choose any idea, have the experts choose and develop it for you based on your imagination.

Summary: Sunny’s World, one of the best destination wedding locations in Pune, offers the best wedding receptions halls in Pune. Besides, the professional staff at Sunny’s World, along with your wedding planner, can collaborate with your wedding planner to ensure that your dream wedding transforms into a reality. So, if you are searching for wedding resorts in Pune for the best destination wedding near Pune, choose none other than Sunny’s World! For details, contact +91 9667 555 555.

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