10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

With lots of arrangements to be done while confronted by several decisions, organizing an event has never been an easy task. Tending to each and every guest and managing the overall aspect of it requires a strategic layout of management. One cannot hope to accomplish such a mammoth task without formulating a proper plan.

Having a dedicated set of the team acting on a well-devised plan is the first and primary necessity before organizing an event. Each representative of the team will take care of a particular aspect so that it feels like a smooth sailing event. It is why organizing corporal or non-corporal ceremonies have often been regarded as team building events.

The ideal time to start looking for venues

While being busy managing the decorum of the event, you will be confronted by several decisions that will generate its own influence on the event. Among all such, picking out a venue will set its largest impact on the event.

Determining a location is one of the major aspects of corporate event planning. While opting out a venue, the first question that comes into your mind is when to start looking for it. Whether you are going after the corporate banquet halls in Pune or other desirable location, it is best to start looking for it early.

Although, before you begin your search, you must finalize your budget, the estimated size of the event and the requirement of space. It is best if you book it in 4-6 months advance as it will provide you enough time to look over other matters.

How to choose a venue?

Many have often remained in doubt when it comes to choosing a venue. As much as there are several corporate party halls in Pune, one should go over certain aspects before confirming it as an ideal site.

  • Location

One of the key aspects to look over is the location of the venue. For any local business events in Pune, it is best to set for those that are within a reasonable distance from the homes and workplaces of attendees. The site should have the proper commute and must be easily accessed by all.

  • Parking lots

Having parking lots is essential as many guests will be coming by their own cars and will require space to park their vehicle. Roadside parking is not much safe nowadays and will lead the guest filled with concern. A parking lot, on the other hand, is much safe and convenient.

  • The total capacity of the place

Knowing the overall capacity of the venue is crucial as now you will be able to determine the final headcount for the event.

  • Services and amenities

While exploring all the aspects of the venue, you must be aware of the services and amenities it provides. Several corporate event management companies in Pune go looking for such attributes in order to use it for their own benefit.

  • Picturing the overall layout

Get a rough layout of the site. Possessing the overall layout of the room will enable you to plan your activities as well as plot all your necessities.

  • Surrounding ambience

Ambience plays an important factor in determining the mood of the guest. If you are one to book for resorts near Pune for corporate events, then do pay a little attention to the ambience.

  • Insurance as instrumental

Meanwhile, you should also bear insurance as the venues won’t be doing any business without it. Hence acquiring insurance is the first and primary necessity.

  • Accessibility and Acoustics

Apart from that, you should look into the accessibility of the venue as well as the surrounding acoustics of the venue. For any corporate events, these aspects play an influential role in establishing the temper of the place.

  • Flexibility of date

It is best if you have flexible date options for your venue as you might be able to negotiate and bargain on the price.

  • Overall aesthetics of the venue

The overall aesthetics of the venue should be on par with the type of event you are planning to host. If one doesn’t complement the other well, things won’t go exactly as you might have planned! Get the idea!?


A considerable goes upon selecting a proper venue but somehow it doesn’t turn out to be better. It may be due to the fact that the implementation was not implied as it was strategized or there may have been certain inconsistencies within the plan. No matter what the cause something wrong is bound to happen. To not let things slide off your hand, here some influential things you should consider while organizing corporate events.

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