The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant

Of course, there are several barbecue restaurants in Pune. In fact, there’s at least one in every newly developed area of Pune. But, The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant is different! How? Have you ever heard of a hilltop barbecue restaurant in Pune? No, isn’t it? Well, that’s what makes The Charcoal Barbecue restaurant different! Besides, the top food quality, and an amazing blend of natural as well as modern ambience makes it a not to be missed place in Pune. The restaurant is situated within Sunny’s World’s premises. It isn’t too far from Pune. So you need not drive miles away from your home to taste the scrumptious barbecued delicacies. But, it is adequately away from Pune’s urban noise. So, you’d feel the peace in the air, and relax yourself out with friends and family. .

Why Choose The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant?

Here are 5 reasons why you must not miss out on visiting The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant.

  • Great ambience and a range of mouth-watering barbeque delicacies

  • Exceptionally pleasant surroundings, just a few kilometers away from urban Pune

  • Prompt service, and hospitality

  • A perfect place for parties, and family and friends get togethers

  • An amazing view of Pune’s skyline.