What is Famous in Pune for Eating?

If you are searching for some of Pune’s famous eating stuff at seafood restaurant in pune.  You’ve come to the right blog! Lately, Pune, which was otherwise famous for spicy Vada Pav, and Puneri Misal Pav.  Has developed a new identity of being one of the best cities for international cuisine. One of the leading names in the league of best hotels in Pune for dinner is Sunny’s World.

What kind of food does Sunny’s World offer?

Right from the rich and buttery Punjabi cuisine to the authentic spicy Maharashtrian food, Sunny’s World offers every delicacy from the northern to the southern tip of India. But, that’s not it. Sunny’s World scores full marks in the international department too! So, whether you are in love with the eastern Oriental cuisine, or a Continental food lover, Sunny’s World’s Ruby Hill Top won’t let you down.

best dinner places in pune

What about Liquor?

You name it, and Sunny’s World would have it! If you are planning to enjoy some stress-relieving moments with your colleagues, or spend some quality ones with your beloved ones, you must choose Sunny’s World for your get-together. The resort offers some of the finest IMFL and international liquor brands to ensure you have a great time, whatever the occasion.

Sunny’s World a Pure Veggie Treat for the Veg Lovers!

There’s a lot of culinary goodness for the pure veg lovers as well. The Shiv Lingam Pure Veg Restaurant has quickly become one of the best veg restaurants in Pune. It offers a wide range of veg delicacies, cooked in safe, healthy, and a controlled environment in the best of Indian ingredients and spices. The chefs ensure that veg lovers get what they want. These features make it a favourite among veg lovers!

If you love to Wolf down Seafood…!

Ever thought, how does it feel to devour authentic seafood amidst the fresh breeze of Pune’s southern mountains? If not, visit Sunny’s World and experience the heavenly feeling yourself! Ruby Hill Top Restaurant, one of the most visited restaurants, serves as the best seafood restaurant in Pune for authentic seafood. Right from crabs, to a variety of fresh river and sea fish, Ruby has got it all.

Why is Sunny’s World one of the Best Hotels in Pune for Dinner?

Now, the range of food is one aspect of it, but several reasons make up for the reputation of the restaurant. Sunny’s World employs the best of Indian, Oriental, Continental, and seafood chefs. The chefs use the best of ingredients, spices, oil, and cook food in an extremely hygienic environment. These elements ensure quality at all times, whatever the type of cuisine.

How can we forget the view? Located on a hill spread across thousands of acres in the southern region of Pune, all the restaurants of the resort offer a breathtaking view of the urban and rural horizon of the area. The cool breeze, soothing weather, and the spectacular evening view make The Ruby, Shiv Lingam, and Charcoal Barbecue the best restaurants in Pune for candlelight dinner!

Are you planning for a buffet dinner for a large group? You don’t have to go anywhere else but come to Sunny’s World. The Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant proves ideal choice veg and non-veg buffet dinner in Pune. For more information, or to book a table at your favourite spot, call +919667555555.

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