Why should you plan a team-building event in Pune?

Corporate culture in India has traditionally been about working long hours and putting one’s nose to the grindstone. And it remains so, but over the last few years, there has been an increased focus on mental health. And the importance of strong workplace relationships. In large companies with hundreds of employees. There is not a lot of scope for interaction outside of an employee’s immediate team. And in a country which always rewards individual excellence, it can sometimes. Be challenging for a group of individuals to work cohesively as a single unit. This is precisely why team building events are a crucial factor in the success of many corporate event in pune

Team building events are hugely popular as they improve communication, encourage teamwork, and reveal hidden skills. All within a relaxed, informal setting. For a large organization, this is about telling employees that they are valued and their contribution is essential for the team’s success. Structured team building is also about identifying and developing leadership skills amongst the employees. There is also always an element of healthy competition that is a part of team building activities. To make sure that everyone is motivated to participate. From creating artwork and building go-karts to adventure sports and elaborate treasure hunts, there is a diverse array of activities that companies can opt for towards this end.

Corporate Event Planning-

With companies, sparing no expense to ensure a great event, the corporate event planning industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. While the activities and the event itself require meticulous planning, the venue for the event is usually the decisive factor behind its success.

corporate party places in pune

Team Building Event-

One would think that successful corporate event planning would be restricted to big metropolitan cities. But many corporate event planners are bringing their services to the companies doorsteps, irrespective of their location. And smaller cities like Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad are also witnessing a surge in corporate events. But here, we’re specifically going to talk about team building and business events in Pune.

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and is one of the 100 smart cities in India. It is home to leading educational institutions and is now emerging as a new IT hub. The city is seeing a spurt in the establishment of industries, and many multinational companies are opening offices there. In direct correlation, there is an increased demand for team building and corporate events.

There are numerous corporate banquet halls in Pune that cater to this demand, usually on the premises of a hotel. The one shortfall with them is that while beautifully designed, most of them confine the entire event to an indoor space. A recent trend is seeing many companies opt for short, weekend getaways at resorts near Pune for corporate events. This gives them a break from the chaos of the city and ensures a successful event while being in an outdoor environment.

Event Management-

This also means that as a result, corporate event management companies in Pune are focused on creating a unique, overall experience and not just the activities for team building events.

What if it were possible to experience the relaxing nature of an outdoor environment while also having the air-conditioned comfort of corporate party halls in Pune city itself? With its combination of AC banquet halls, manicured lawns, adventure sports, and delicious food from seven-star restaurants, Sunny’s World is the ideal destination for your next corporate event. It is also home to the Kohinoor, one of the biggest corporate banquet halls in Pune. Set against a beautiful hilly backdrop, it is easily one of the best corporate party places in Pune.

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