Amusement Park in Pune

Be it a formal event or an informal occasion, Sunny’s world has it all. Getting hold of luxurious setting at an affordable price rate is the speciality in here. Covering over 100acres, Sunny’s World is a different land in itself where things are built & designed, precisely– for the first time in the state Pune. The artificial waterfall created, by engineers and expert designers– rank no.1 in the world record book amusement park in pune.

  • The glorious piece of land is also a home for experiencing the best adventure sports
  • Living a busy life, with pressure mounting on all side often, pushes an individual towards boredom, such that he/she starts struggling in leading a happy life. It becomes essential to break out from the chain of events and find happiness– Sunny’s world is a beautiful place that is covered, in greenery and, hold numerous adventure sports in Pune.
  • Find the inner child and cherish the memories-
  • Growing in India makes each one of us a fan and blind follower of cricket. The most-played game in adventure resorts in Pune is, in fact, the most-enjoyed game too! Batting in nets, wearing cricket helmet and guards on, is unquestionably going to help an individual to relive his childhood days! There is a broad-program of available packages, listing from– Individual, Corporate, Picnic and Kids packages!The program itinerary in the theme park near Pune is something to watch out for– It begins from 9 a.m with breakfast & team formation then, game & activity, followed, by lunch, adventure activity, tea, and then departure is 6 pm, pick a package to witness and be a part of fun-filled, activity.
  • Getting painted with– Paintball
    It is one such event which will make an individual run, jump and, laugh, as one team runs after other, with a proper suit on– trying to paint each other with fake-guns. The rules are plain and simple, to win– one team has to lose, and the person who stands clean or, less painted is declared, winner, and so is his team. Put that goggles and gear on, and get ready to have some fun– in these adventure places in Pune!
  • Rifle shooting

    Remember that uncle who used, to sit in an amusement park in Punewith his big spinning wheel and, use to load the wooden–look like a gun for shooting. Well here, it is again directly from the old times– in fact, things are a bit professional here, as one is competing with others and there are no balloons to aim but circles painted in red. Recollect your shooting skills, and go for the target! The amusement park in pune holdsadventure activities in Punelike Rappelling, Zip Bike, High Ropes Course, Giant Swing, Commando Obstacle Course, Rocket Ejector, Paint Ball, RC Car Racing, and any more.

  • Bull ride
    The next down the list for a one day adventure trip near Pune is the arrogant-bull who seems to be very badly trained! An individual has to sit behind his back and, has to witness his wrath as he tries to calm down the uncontrollable beast. Fun, laughable and, challenging– sounds like the spirits of a child, go for it!

Summary –

Life is a one-time journey, but hold-on if you were told to relive a specific portion of your life again? Relive the glory days from the lost past in Sunny’s world and, say no to stress the amusement park in pune

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