Amusement Park in Pune

A long weekend is nearing, and people are busy planning a getaway to make most of the day. Are you a resident of Mumbai? Want to get away from the hectic schedule? Why not try an adventure camp near Pune?The best amusement park in pune

Well, Pune is a three-hour drive from the city of Mumbai. The city offers marvelous theme parks. One of the best amusement places in Pune is Sunny’s world. It is not just an amusement park; it is an amazement park. People from around the country visit Sunny’s world to indulge in some adventure sports in Pune due to its hair-raising adventure rides and aesthetic scenery. Invite your family members and friends to join you on a fun-filled adventure.

Reasons to visit Sunny’s world

Here are some of the lucrative features that pull you towards Sunny’s world:

  1. The tiger’s eye adventure park at Sunny’s world offers the most thrilling and fun-filled adventurous rides. No wonder it is the best adventure park in Pune.
  2. Along with fun-filled activities, the theme park near Pune also provides a luxurious stay, fantabulous resorts, and mouth-watering delicacies.
  3. A wide variety of adventurous sports are available, making it the best adventure park near Pune.
  4. It is economical. The package starts from 800 rupees and goes up to 6000 bucks.
  5. The sports activities are done under the guidance, and the rides are handled with utmost care. Safety is our top priority.
What are the recent additions in Sunny’s world for this monsoon?

Monsoon is considered to be the best time to go adventuring. Cool breeze, drizzle, and zero heat add to the excitement. Sunny’s world has added new events and sports to their already existing list of awesome activities. It is organizing an event called ‘Monsoon Malhaar.’ The event would be a welcome change from your daily routine. A variety of cuisines, artificial waterfalls, DJs, music bands, sports, and games are some of the key features of this event. Make sure you book passes for your group before they are sold out!

Fun quotient at Sunny’s world

Sunny’s world is one of the best adventure resorts in Pune. It offers a blend of both, comfortable stay and electrifying sports activities. You can spend an entire day and still be craving for more.

Remember the time when you were a kid and loved playing in rain, jumping in muddy puddles, and floating paper boat? Well, Sunny’s world has introduced a sport that is a similar sport that will make you nostalgic. If you enjoy playing in mud and water, riding the high-end bikes would instantly become your favorite sport in this amusement park in Pune.

Sunny’s world in Pune lets you experience a racer’s feel. With ATV bikes and no traffic, you can easily gear up to the maximum speed. This ride will cause adrenaline to rush through your veins. During rainy seasons, the tracks are filled with mud and water, creating slushes everywhere. As you race through the track, you can feel mud and water splattering all over you. If you want to experience drift on dirt, then this amusement park in Pune is your place! ATV bike ride is one of the most preferred and enjoyed sport during the monsoon.

If adrenaline rush and giggles of excitement are what you love the most in a getaway, then an adventure trip near Pune to Sunny’s World is just what you need.

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